Pure Hemp Extract Oil

It’s our philosophy to make the natural benefits of Hemp Extract the focus of our pure Hemp Extract Oil. We don’t distract from the powerful cannabinoid that is derived from nature.


Customized Dosing

Our premium Hemp Extract oil comes in an easy-to-dispense tincture, so you can control exactly how much Cannabidiol you take.


Premium Sourcing


To develop premium Hemp Extract Oil, we go straight to the source. Cooper's Hemp Hemp Extract is cultivated from organic, non-GMO, superior-grade Hemp and grown using environmentally friendly methods.


 Third-Party Lab Tested

We’re committed to full transparency about information regarding our compounds, potency levels and Hemp Extract purity. We publish our third party lab results. Just request via Contact Us


High Potency


Cooper's Hemp Hemp Extract Oil is one of the highest potency Hemp Extract products on the market, and it’s formulated with your needs in mind to help you relax.


Delicious Flavors

Some companies sell low-quality or harsh tasting Hemp Extract Oil – but we want your Hemp Extract experience to be enjoyable.