Hey, may I take this time to share how amazing CBD Oil is in my life? My name is Carla or C.J. to my friends. And I can’t hold in my feelings any longer!!! I  suffered pain anywhere from mild to Chronic Severe! I have tried 12 surgeries , OxyContin, Cortisone injections, Decodron injections, morphine and numerous nerve pills plus muscle relaxers, and an implanted nerve stimulator!!!! All since I turned 35. I am now on the back side of 60 (or 64 to be exact, LOL)!

So last year, 2015, I had been back and forth to the E.R. every weekend just to get morphine shots.. I live in a very small country community and then 12 miles to just a bit larger country town. They didn’t have a pain management doctor!! I had to be driven an hour away to get to a pain management doctor. Last April my neurosurgeon said I’d be paralyzed from the waist down by the time I turn 65-67. Also, the surgeon said not to expect any relief from The UNGODLY PAIN I was in!!!! WOW! I couldn’t believe  he told me that!!! Then why in the Sam Hill was I having a 6 hr. surgery??? Because I have Anklylosing Spondylitis, Osteoarthritis, DDD, and (The fun one) Fibromyalgia!!!!

They had to spend right at 6 hours inside my back from the lower part of where my bra line sits, down to my tail bone! 6 days in the hospital and 7 days of rehab just to learn how to get out of bed, walk and sit!! Sit? Well, Um, no… I haven’t been able to sit since the surgery! I have been bedridden for 1 an 1/2 years! The pain was so bad I still had to have a hospital bed, high doses of morphine, Hydrocodon 10/500, Klonipin, flexeril, Tinzanidine, and deep injections twice a month! Just to keep my pain at a 3-6 at all times.

On Monday October 3rd.2016. 1am (yep just under a week now), I got on line to look up Cannabis Oil. I have seen children with severe siezures and cancer and epilepsy whose parents were starting to use this Oil. I thought it was illegal. Well, NO. IT’S LEGAL IN ALL 50 STATES!!!!!! On Thur. 6th of October I received my first bottle of  500mg of Strawberry flavored Cannabis Oil.  Now let me tell the truer than true here forget a sweet drop or drops of strawberry! LOL It taste like a dirty plant. LOL (at least to me!!!) But y’all I am at the highest pain level every other day, a 10+. So if the wonderful people at HighLand Pharms said to me “Here’s a place you can go chew on a plant that will STOP the pain I would have been willing!!!!

So I keep a strawberry pop next to my oil and once a day I place my drops under my tongue and within 5 minutes I literally feel the most inflamed nerves going to a tiny bit of warmth-like feeling (it’s like saying aaaahhhh, that’s not hurting!!!!! Oh My Word!!!!) Y’all I was crying for pure joy when my Cowboy of 45 years came in to fix supper for both of us! He looked at me and then as if he couldn’t believe it he said “Why are you up and why are you looking so happy????”.  Yes that’s it Happy!!!!

Y’all I can only say I don’t believe in killing yourself but I sure wished I was dead! I had been begging God (whom I believe in for myself) to take me home. Just let me wake up dead.

My pain management dr. thinks he’s gonna increase my morphine today at 1pm!!!! Well surprise doc, I have NO PAIN.

I won’t lie, Cowboy and I both thought that here in Oklahoma it was illegal ! However, research Cannabis Oil on google and see the words “Legal IN ALL 50 STATES!!! How can I assure you I’m a 64 1/2 year old country wife, using only Cannabis Oil? Message me! Yep. I believe in this so much, so quickly, that for the next week you can call and message me on Facebook.  I live with my Cowboy (husband) of 45 years.  Anadarko Okla. my facebook is Cj Winn and you can private message me there. It will be a week this Thursday from start of my Oil. I have weaned off the morphine since Sunday!!!!  Google HighLand Pharms for all the details of the oil and message me if you want to hear how this has Changed My Future!!!!!

BTW I’m sitting at the kitchen table working on Halloween crafts!!!!! God Bless you and never give up!!! Never Quit!!!! I had lost hope in the drug companies!!! There are NO side affects! And you can’t overdose but  check it out for yourself!  I can’t say this will cure any of my disease, I can’t say it will cure anyone of anything but what I can say is As of today, Wednesday Oct 12th I am pain free, and I’ve gone shopping for the first time in over 1 1/2 years!!! And I take NO other medication!!!!! Gentle hugs y’all   C.J.